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Welcome! I’m Lucy Worsley, by day Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, and by night a writer of history books.

My most recent book is A Very British Murder, the history of how the British have enjoyed crime, and it builds on my BBC Four series of the same title that was shown in January.  My next series, The First Georgians, will be on in April, and you can read more about the topic in my book The Courtiers.

Thanks for visiting, do come on in & look around, and I hope to meet you in the flesh at one of my talks some day!

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In which I bid a fond farewell to the Georgians

Today, for me, marked if not the ‘beginning of the end’, then the ‘end of the beginning’ for the Georgian tercentenary. The three-hundredth anniversary of the start of the Georgian age in 1714/2014 was something we started thinking about five years ago or more. In fact, when I started researching and writing my book about

In which I reveal my Innermost Self

Regular readers of this blog will know that the general tone is amusing self-deprecation.  (You didn’t realise it was supposed to be amusing?  Oh. There’ll be a momentary pause while my crest falls.) However, in this blog we are not afraid to Get Serious on occasion, and in this case, very serious indeed.  This interview

‘New Worlds’: brand-new C17th historical drama on tonight

The new Channel Four drama ‘New Worlds’ begins tonight, and you can watch the trailer here.  I was amused to discover that the cast of young actors were made to read my book Cavalier for background about the seventeenth century.  As one of them, Jamie Dornan, has gone on to be cast as Christian Grey