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Welcome! I’m Lucy Worsley, by day Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, and by night a writer of history books.  I’m occasionally to be spotted on the BBC, and the series ‘A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley’, linked to my most recent book of the same name, is being repeated at the moment on Saturday nights at 8pm on BBC Four.

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Murderous knick-knacks and artefacts: a re-post

Our BBC Four series on the history of murder is being re-shown on BBC Four at the moment (episode one is on Iplayer now, episode 2 will be shown next Saturday at 8pm) so I thought I would re-post this article from BBC History Magazine.  You can also hear me talking about it on the

A Girl’s Guide to Greatness, or How Not to Write an Obituary

Last summer, as I was reading through the 1,000 or so pages of The Times Great Women’s Lives: A Celebration in Obituaries in preparation for writing its foreword, I was struck by how ridiculous and retrograde it was for so many of the obituaries to concentrate on the women’s hair, cooking skills and home life.

Why I love the Tudors (with a guest appearance by Jean Plaidy)

As everyone STILL seems to be Wolf-Hall-mad, another article from the paper this week, about why I love the Tudors… My most treasured possessions include a battered little paperback, barely held together with sellotape: TheYoung Elizabeth, by Jean Plaidy. Published in 1961, with a cover showing a picture of Hampton Court Palace, it tells the story of the childhood of the future Tudor queen.  She’s