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Welcome! I’m Lucy Worsley, by day Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, and by night a writer of history books.  I’m occasionally to be spotted on the BBC, most recently with a repeat of the series ‘A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley’, which is linked to my most recent book of the same name.

Thanks for visiting, do come on in & look around, and I hope to meet you in the flesh at one of my talks some day!

Home page photo by Tim Stubbings.

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The last baby princess at Kensington Palace: the new Princess Charlotte’s predecessor…

My article written for t’paper, reproduced here for you… ‘SO, there’s a new baby princess at Kensington Palace – born in time for breakfast on Saturday and back home in time for tea. It’s very nearly two hundred years since the last time Kensington Palace was home to a baby princess.  The future Queen Victoriawas born there at 4

A year at Hampton Court – in pictures

It’s been a year since I got rid of the photos cluttering up my phone, and so ‘a year in the life of Hampton Court’ seemed like a good topic for a picture post.  It’s inevitable, if you work at Hampton Court, that you just can’t stop taking pictures of the place, and then you’re

How I’ve been getting on, on my high horse

One night, not too long ago, I was walking home from work when I got a phone call. It was the Daily Mail.  ‘We have a question for you,’ the voice said.  ‘Our readers really want a historian’s professional view, if you’d be so kind.’ ‘Okay,’ I said cautiously, ‘What is it?’ ‘Good!’ my interlocutor