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Welcome! I’m Lucy Worsley, by day Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, and by night a writer of history books.  I’m occasionally to be spotted on the BBC, most recently with Cake Bakers and Trouble Makers: Lucy Worsley’s 100 years of the WI. 

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Tonight: I toast the Women’s Institute on BBC Two

Thanks so much for watching if you’ve visited me after tonight’s programme!  Here’s a little more about it, from an article I wrote in this week’s Radio Times…  ‘I recently found myself making jam in a village hall, the quintessential Women’s Institute activity, with a group of Hampshire ladies who included the “Chutney Champion” of

The last baby princess at Kensington Palace: the new Princess Charlotte’s predecessor…

My article written for t’paper, reproduced here for you… ‘SO, there’s a new baby princess at Kensington Palace – born in time for breakfast on Saturday and back home in time for tea. It’s very nearly two hundred years since the last time Kensington Palace was home to a baby princess.  The future Queen Victoriawas born there at 4

A year at Hampton Court – in pictures

It’s been a year since I got rid of the photos cluttering up my phone, and so ‘a year in the life of Hampton Court’ seemed like a good topic for a picture post.  It’s inevitable, if you work at Hampton Court, that you just can’t stop taking pictures of the place, and then you’re